Intro: Arduino Robotic Bartender - 3D Printable & Bluetooth
Build yourself a low-cost easy to assemble bluetooth controllable robotic bartender using an Arduino Uno. This easy Arduino based project can be 3D printed and is a cool Arduino project for beginners.

The aim of this project was to create a bar robot that was low cost and easy for anyone to write their own programme for. Many others out there soon get very expensive and often requires mains electrics - this is cheaper by design and runs entirely on 8 AA batteries. (Also makes it easy to take into the garden or a friends place).

List of items used in this project and where to find them (the links are Amazon affiliate links and financially support this channel at no cost to you)

Arduino Uno:
Motor driver:
Contact Switch:
Linear Bearings:
Stepper Motor:
Timing Belt and Pulley (2m version):
Timing Belt and Pulley (5m version):
HM10 Bluetooth Module:”


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