Accessibility is important. This project uses facial gestures to control a droid remotely using augmented reality capabilities of Facebook.

I built a proof of concept device to solve accessibility in robotics using augmented reality. I used an Arduino kit and Facebook AR Studio to control a littleBits Droid. My goal is to encourage everyone to think about Industry 4.0 as expanding the reach of technology to enable more people to participate in this digital transformation.

When I first learned about the Arduino / Distrelec: Automation & Robotics Contest here on Hackster, I started researching about Industry 4.0

How can we advance our robots and manufacturing systems using augmented reality technologies. How can augmented reality help everyone. Then I started to think about the word ‘EVERYONE’….

Everyone is you… and me and that guy, that girl, that person? Everyone means us including minorities, including people with disabilities. Globally.

According to In the year 2016 here in United States, an estimated 12.8 percent (plus or minus 0.05 percentage points) of non-institutionalized, male or female, all ages, all races, regardless of ethnicity, with all education levels in the United States reported a disability.”


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