Build a 4-Bit Binary Counter with 5x7 LED Matrix

Traditionally, discrete LEDs are used to display digital data from a binary counter. 4-bit binary patterns of 1s and 0s are deciphered manually using a weighted value method to determine the equivalent decimal number generated by the digital counter. I decided to give a classic digital circuit a new twist by using a 5x7 LED matrix and littleBits’ surface mount component (SMC) based electronic modules. With this project, you will learn how to build a binary counter using a 5x7 LED matrix for a new output display appearance. You will learn how to wire a 5x7 LED matrix to display vertical bars that scroll from right to left based on a clock pulse and binary data numbers. Also, littleBits will illustrate how to quickly build new electronic circuits and devices using these unique SMC electronic modules. “


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