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7400 Series Discrete Logic Word Clock

Clocks are a problem for me, I keep designing them but I never seem to finish building my designs. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because I limit myself to using only TTL logic, or that my designs usually involve excessively complicated wiring or mechanics, or I guess maybe it’s because I always wear a watch? Well anyway, these are some of the ideas that I’ve had over the years, many of which got as far as a completed circuit design and beginning construction:

Brake Disc Clock
Discrete Logic Meter Clock
Randomly Ticking Clock (three designs for this, none built yet)
Discrete Logic Whiteboard Clock
VFD Clock (nothing too special about this one)
Infinity Clock
But this time I’ve finally come through with one, my own microcontroller-less take on “Word Clock” designs, which display the time in words by lighting up letters in a grid.”

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