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Wakeup Light

As I write this instructable it is mid winter on the Northern hemisphere and that means short days and long nights. I am used to getting up at 06:00 and in the Summer the sun will be shining by then. In the Winter though, it gets light at 09:00 if we are lucky to have a day that it isn’t cloudy (which is…not often).

Some time ago I read about a “wakeup light” made by Philips that was used in Norway to simulate a sunny morning. I never bought one, but I kept thinking about making one because making one yourself is more fun than just buying it.

Picture frame “Ribba” 50 x 40 cm from IKEA
perforated hardboard from hardware store
STM8S103 development board via Ebay or others
DS1307 Real Time Clock (Mouser, Farnell, Conrad, etc)
32768 Hz watch crystal (Mouser, Farnell, Conrad, etc)
3V lithium coincell + coincell holder
BUZ11 or IRLZ34N N-channel MOSFETs (3x)
BC549 (or any other NPN transistor)
as many white, red, blue, green, etc leds as you want
some resistors and capacitors (see schematic)
Powerbrick, 12V to 20V, 3A or more (e.g. old laptop powersupply)”

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