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10 Channel Wi-Fi Switch for Smart Home

This device can help you automate your home, backyard, or whatever you want.

To build this device, you’ll need:

ESP8266 x1;
4-stage ripple (binary) counter (I can suggest SN74LS93N) x1;
14-stage ripple counter (CD4020BE is the best choice) x1;
Latches (SN74LS75) x6. Since each SN74LS75 consists of 4 latches, only 2 ICs are needed;
LEDs x10;
470 ohm resistors x10;
10k resistor x1;
20k resistors x2;
33k resistors x2;
50k resistor x1;
LM317 x1;
ULN2003 x2;
Relays x10;
Power supply for ESP x1;
Power supply for relays.
Note: You can use CD4024B Instead of CD4020BE and SN74LS93N.”

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