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As we know IOT plays a very important role in our upcoming style of living. We will control and monitor our garage door, garden watering, garden light system, feed our pet, etc… from a remote location which miles away from the destination. In this case, the internet will be our connecting medium. So, using the internet and giving connectivity of internet to our things we can monitor or can control from anywhere in the world.

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In this project, we will control the home appliances which are connected to the relay system using an android app and NodeMCU. So, we will follow the below steps to build our own Internet-based Home Automation.

This tutorial will only focus on the circuit diagram and code part. How to create a Google Firebase account and how to make an android app using MIT App Inventor2 you can follow the youtube link and create your own. Whereas every document you need will be attached in this tutorial so that you can download and use it as per your requirement. But please follow the youtube video tutorial.”

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