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A NODEMCU based home automation board with six relays and an onboard AC SMPS for powering the device directly from an AC source.

This is a Home Automation Board that is based around the NODEMCU ESP8266 Board and Six Relays neatly packed in a nice form factor.

We can attach AC or even DC loads with this setup as each relay’s NO and NC ports are connected to a screw terminal, which we can connect loads in series with. This DIY home automation system uses an ESP8266 to operate six separate relays to switch six outputs or loads.

Every relay is controlled via a web application that may be accessed through any local network browser.

This device is version 2 of my earlier home automation board, which featured an esp07S module and only had two outputs. Version 2’s use of nodemcu makes it simpler for the user to reprogram the board.

The goal of this project is to make an easy and simple Home Automation System that anyone can make and learn by following a few simple steps.

let’s get started.

Material Required
Following were the components used in this built-

- Custom PCB
- Relays
- Nodemcu
- AO3400 Mosfets
- M7 Diodes
- 10K resistors
- AC to DC Isolated SMPS
- Screw Terminal connectors”

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