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Wizard Chess is a form of chess originally invented by J.K. Rowling in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The characters give verbal commands to the chess pieces and they move by magic. Seems impossible right? Not anymore! Using an Arduino Uno, along with an XY plotter, Wizard Chess can be recreated in real life! You can now play a full game of chess using voice commands and the chess pieces will automatically react accordingly.
Created by Divyank Shah in association with Berbawy Makers. Divyank Shah is an ambitious high schooler looking to study further in computer science with a deep interest in microcontroller and microprocessing technologies
A special thanks to Ms. Berbawy and her Principles of Engineering class that made this project possible!

- Arduino Uno
- Arduino CNC Shield
- HC-05 Bluetooth Module
- 3 x NEMA17 Stepper Motors
- 3 x DRV8825 Stepper Drivers
- 3 x Idler Pulley
- 3 x 20 Tooth 5mm Bore Pulley
- 4 x 8mm by 500mm Linear Rod
- 4 x 8mm by 24mm Linear Bearing
- 2 mm Pitch Timing Belt
- 12V 3A Power Supply (Minimum)
- 32 x 6mm by 2mm Neodymium Disc Magnets
- 12 x M3x6mm screws
- 3 x M3x25mm screws
- 3 x M3 Nuts
- 2 Pin Jumper Caps
- Jumper Cables
- 5V Electromagnet
- 3D Printer (Ender 3 V2 & Prusa Mini Used)
- Caliper
- Wood Glue
- Laser Cutter
- CAD Software (OnShape Used)
- Adobe Illustrator
- 2 x 12” by 24” by 1/4” Plywood
- 2x 12” by 24” by 1/4” Plywood
- Wood Glue
- Sandpaper/Filer”

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