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The ESP32 robot cam is a mobile surveillance robot that can be controlled over the internet. It is built around a standard ESP32-Cam board, plus a motor driver, batteries, power supply board, and motorized platform. It also includes an optional inductive charger so that it can “dock” and recharge itself while remaining connected to the internet and ready to respond to commands without depleting its battery.

ESP32-Cam (AI-Thinker, or clone)
AdaFruit PowerBoost 500
DRV883 Motor Driver
LiPoly battery, such as this one.
4x AA batteries
Half-size breadboard
Robot chassis
Variable potentiometer (optional, for reporting charging status on the web page)
Inductive charger (optional)
Male to male Dupont wires, or other breadboard wires


FTDI board, such as this or this or this.
Hot glue gun, or adhesive strips, or adhesive Velcro strips
Soldering iron”

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