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The DRV8803 provides a 4-channel low side driver with overcurrent protection. It has buit-in diodes to clamp turnoff transients generated by inductive loads and can be used to drive unipolar stepper motors, DC motors, relays, solenoids, or other loads. In the SOIC (DW) package, the DRV8803 can supply up to 1.5-A (one channel on) or 800-mA (all channels on) continuous output current per channel, at 25°C. In the HTSSOP (PWP) package, it can supply up to 2-A (one channel on) or 1-A (four channels on) continuous output current per channel, at 25°C with proper PCB heatsinking. The device is controlled though a simple parallel interface. internal shutdown functions are_provided for over current protection, _short _cicuit _protection, undervoltage lockout and overtemperature and faults are indicated by a fault output pin. The DRVB803 is available in a 20-pin thermally- enhanced SOIC package and a 16-pin HTSSOP package (Eco-friendly: ROHS & no Sb/Br).

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