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The 8 Channel Driver Arduino UNO Shield is designed to enable users to switch inductive loads for up to 800mA each channel and up to 24V DC with no heat-sink needed. It is ideal for such applications as driving 2x unipolar stepper motors, solenoids, relays, and small DC motors. It uses 2x DRV8803 Chip from Texas instruments which is 4 channel low side driver with over current protection. IC’s Internal shutdown protection function is provided for overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, under-voltage lockout, and over temperature. Faults are indicated by a fault output pin that is normally high and goes low if a fault condition occurs. Reset and enable pins has internal pull-down resistors.

The board can be used to drive mainly inductive loads, since outputs are provided with clamp diode for protection. This shield can drive 2 unipolar stepper motors up to 750mA each with Arduino code. Shield also provides a TSOP1838 IR sensor and pot. IR receiver can help to turn OFF/ON 8 loads using IrR remote, DC motor/stepper motor speed control is possible with the help of onboard trimmer pot.”

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