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This is a simple ne555 timer IC based multi vibrator breathing effect . The LED blinks like we breathe we can control the breathing time using potentiometer on board. It works on 5 volts DC to 9 volts DC.

The working of this is simple that the n e 555 produces a frequency or a signal which then activate a general purpose NPN transistor which bank switches on and of the LED . The breathing effect is produced due to the charging of a capacitor which turns on the emither collector path for a short amount of time until the capacitor gets drained.

- Ne 555 timer IC
- General purpose NPN transistor
- 10 kilo ohms variable resistor
- 10 kilo ohm resistor
- 100 UF capacitor
- 470 UF capacitor
- 3 volt LED lights
- Solid copper wire
- Wooden base”

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