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The project presented here is a high common-mode current sense amplifier with two high-speed comparators to detect out-of-range current conditions. The comparators are configured to detect and respond to dual over current conditions. These devices feature an adjustable limit threshold range for each comparator set using an external limit-setting resistor. Limit 1 Resistor is R10 and Limit 2 Resistor is R11. The board measures differential voltage signals on common-mode voltages that can vary from 0 V up to +36 V, independent of the supply.

The project is built using an INA302A1 chip which has a gain of 20V/V. The board can also be used with INA302A2 which has a gain of 50V/V or INA302A3 with a gain of 100V/V.

The open-drain alert outputs are configured to operate in either a transparent mode (output status follows the input state) or in a latched mode (alert output is cleared when the latch is reset). Jumpers J1 and J2 are provided to select this option. The alert response time for comparator 1 is under 1 µs, and the alert response for comparator 2 is set through an external capacitor ranging from 2 µs to 10 s.”

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