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The MiniKbd is a USB device based on the Adafruit Trinket M0 development board which is programmable with CircuitPython. The parts are available for sale on Tindie, with build documentation and software samples available in this repo.

The MiniKbd is programmable with CircuitPython, each key can be easily customized to perform any combination of keystroke or mouse movement. When plugging it in over USB, your computer will recognize it as a “USB HID” (Human Interface Device), as if a keyboard or mouse had been plugged in. The keystrokes that are output by the MiniKbd can then be configured by editing the CircuitPython code running on the device.

The project came out of the idea of wanting a keyboard that simply had a larger set of arrow keys that I could position to the left side of my keyboard. OSH Park, the prototyping service that I use to manufacture PCBs will always make boards in sets of three, so instead of having three of the same device I designed the MiniKbd to be built in three separate ways”

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