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open source bare-metal C firmware and documentation for microcontrollers

iconomix-fwlib is a collection of open source C firmware and documentation for microcontrollers to develop portable bare-metal code that is vendor and architecture neutral (or easier to reuse).

It is tough to find the best compromise between lean 8-bit targets, middle-of-the-road 16-bit targets, and resource rich 32-bit targets, but this cross-platform library aims to provide a good foundation before you are forced to add target specific code and getting locked in.

Click HERE to view the complete online documentation.

Click HERE to download releases of the open source library (source code and offline documentation).

Teach good firmware development practices to guide the next generation of professional embedded engineers.
Share source code, knowledge and expertise with our global community of engineers, scientists and enthusiasts.
Publish concise quick start guides and tutorials to reduce the learning curve of new microcontrollers.
Provide a standard framework and drivers for rapid code development.
Minimize porting by providing unified peripheral driver APIs (to maximize device driver reuse).
My sincere hope is that seasoned veterans will pitch in and share their years of experience to mentor the future generation and raise the bar in terms of quality and quantity.”

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