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Once after Russian EFT community podcast where one of the guests said that expensive items, such as LEDX, should occupy a larger number of the slots in secure containers… It didn’t happen in 0.12,6 patch, but it did happened in my workshop.

Things required:

Arduino microcontroller (in different steps I used Arduino Uno and Mega)
DFPlayer mini module
MicroSD card (I had 8 Gb card, but DFPlayer supports cards up to 32 Gb)
24 RGB diodes
24 wending machine capsule caps
1 pushbutton
8 Ohm speaker
5V source (I had 4 18650 Li-on batteries, but ended up using 5V old powerbank)
On-off switch
Speaker mesh
Breadboard (170 dots)
PVA glue
Gauze bandage
Plastiс spray gun bottle that you don’t need
Spray paint (Black, white and red)
Foundation for acrylic paint
Polyurethane foam
Tools required:

Soldering iron + solder, soldering paste ect.
Glue gun
Sanding paper
Stationery knife


Arduino IDE

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