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Microgranny Sampler: Completely Home-built (not a Kit!)

The Bastl Microgranny is a fun and quirky arduino-based granular sampler, ideal for electronic music-making. It’s been around in one form or another since around 2014, but you can readily buy the new Monolith design, and the older design, and kits are also still sold. However the code and schematics are in the public domain and open source, so if you are feeling brave you can build one at home without a kit! This is what I have done and am describing in this Instructable. In doing so, I saved some money and learnt quite a lot about how to hack this device.

The build on this page currently describes the basic sampler unit, without the MIDI or the audio recording features. These should not be difficult to add and I may update this page when I have completed those.

- Arduino UNO (or equivalent e.g. Elegoo UNO R3)
- Adafruit Wave Shield Kit (e.g.
- SD Card (4GB or smaller recommended) - microSD cards need an adaptor to fit
- Shift Register Board
- 5x10cm Stripboard (or similar size)
- 2 x 16PIN DIP (DIL) IC Sockets
- 2 x IC 74HC595 8-Bit Shift Register DIP-16 (e.g.
- 2 x 100nF ceramic capacitor (decoupling cap)
- 1 x 47uF electrolytic capacitor (decoupling cap)”

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