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A snake game, which is built on 8*8 LED dot matrix display with dedicated push buttons to control the movement.

The Idea:
Who doesn’t want to play the retro games! It brings back old happy memories to people, where the pixel density wasn’t that much as we have today, but we had games to play in those. In the era of modern high-end processor and graphics card, these games are considered to be the classics of gaming industry.

What is SnakePedia:
SnakePedia is nothing but our all time favorite snake game. It is built on a custom made 8*8 LED dot-matrix display, where micro-controller ATmega328P is used as display and movement controller. The LED dot-matrix row, column operations are supervised with shift register 74hc595. This way we will be using less wires to light up the dot matrix.Also, I have soldered 4 push buttons with the micro-controller which are used to maneuver the snake. It is powered from external 5 volts supply.”

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