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Good news! I just found a discarded VCR with an LED display. That means it’s time to salvage the display and make a project out of it. There is lots of info out there on standard 7-segment displays, but appliance and electronics displays are custom, and this one actually turns out to be 10-segment with non-numerical segments. So it will be an exercise in figuring out how a non-standard display works. In this Instructable I will go over my process for hacking a display like this.
Supplies:discarded non-working appliance, such as microwave, DVD/VCR player with LED display
soldering supplies
~10 resistors suitable for LEDs (100-330 ohm)
3V battery pack or power supply
jumper wires
Arduino UNO
Adafruit Metro Mini or Teensy LC
perfboard, 2 3/4” x 3 3/4”
piezo beeper
3D printer or materials for hand made case.
power bank with micro-USB cable”

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