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Infrared Dice Sensor

My name is Calvin and I will show you how to make an Infrared dice sensor and explain how it works.
I am currently a Taylor University student studying Computer Engineering and my team and I was asked to design and build a mechanism that can sort any object that can fit in a 1in square. We could have taken the easy route and chosen to sort m&m’s using a simple color sensor, but we decided to go above and beyond and sort dice by the number shown. After countless hours of trying to find a guide on how to read the face of the dice I ran into this link here:…
This link, however, did not give me much more than the idea on how to read the face of the dice, so using the idea that was provided, I went on my way to build and develop a sensor that can be connected with an Arduino with ease and can read the face of the dice as accurately as possible, thus giving us this Infrared Dice Sensor.
Supplies:Now on to the supplies:
You will need:
1 x Arduino Uno
5 x IR Receivers
5 x IR Emitters
5 x 270 ohm resistors
5 x 10k ohm resistors
1 x 74HC595N chip
various male headers
1 x Prototype board (if you are not getting a custom milled board)”

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