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Proximity Sensor

An analogue proximity circuit built with active and passive components

Hey there, thanks for coming around, I would love to walk you through on how to create a fully functional proximity sensor and understanding the logic behind it…They are various way to go about it, like using microcontrollers, but I decided to go analogue by building with a few active and passive component. So let’s get to it…

In simple terms, A proximity sensor helps you detect a difference in distance from a point or more. The function of the build will be such that the system can both indicate when an obstacle is within proximity and also when it’s out of proximity, and to achieve that we need to get an understanding of some of the components we’re going to work with…

1. LM358 Operational Amplifier
2. Infrared Emitter
3. Infrared Receiver / Photodiode
4. Potentiometer / Variable Resistor ( 10kohms ) (1pcs)
5. LED 2pcs (Red and Green)
6. Resistors
i. 220 ohm — 3pcs
ii. 10k ohm – 1pcs
7. Buzzer (Active Buzzer) 1pcs”

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