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Hi every one, here Chris, and I want to show you how I made my own Arduino AC dimmer that can control AC loads such as motors and lights easily. It has the power to handle 1200+ Watts and It’s a very nice project for domotics and home automation because the microcontroller I used is the ESP8266 that has WiFi capabilities and the code could be adapted with few changes.
Here I leave you a tutorial with all the information so you can make your own version.If you are a visual learner I know that a video worth more than 1000 words, so here is a Tutorial video.

This project may seem difficult or very complex, but it is definitely not completely, since you will have all the guidance for the construction, it was difficult for me to design it to make life a little easier for you. Any conceptual doubt, you are free to ask it without problems.

You should have an understanding of:
3D Printing (Optional for the case).
Arduino programming (I give you the code).
Soldering through hole components.”

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