The L9110H is a compact 8 pin DIL integrated device designed to directly to control and drive a DC motor. It has two TTL / CMOS compatible digital inputs that allow for full control of the motor in both directions. The control pins can be directly connected to most microcontrollers and with the use of PWM full speed control in both direction can be obtained. The internal H-bridge circuit has two output terminals which can directly drive a DC motor without the need for additional components. It has a relatively large current driving capability and its low output saturation voltage with built-in clamp diode reduces the impact of the current surges when switch power to the motor. L9110 is widely used in robotic cars, as part of a stepper motor driver, and for switching power LED devices.

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L9110 - Motor control driver chip L9110 The ASIC device control and drive motor design two-channel push-pull power amplifierdiscrete circuits integrated into a monolithic IC, peripheral devices and reduce the cost, improve the reliability of the whole. This chip has two …

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