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Portable and rechargeable Ultraviolet (UV) radiation meter

A lightweight, reliable, and completely portable ultraviolet (UV) radiation meter.

Ever since suffering severe chemical burns, I could not expose myself to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Knowing how to deal with sunlight is an essential skill for anyone in similar situations, so I designed this portable UV meter and donated a dozen units to patients of the burn center in which I was hospitalized. Still, I believe this can help anyone (burn victim or not) to deal with ultraviolet radiation exposure since it can have significant negative health effects, such as early aging of the skin and damage that can lead to skin cancer.

Therefore, it is crucial to be able to measure your exposure to UV in your daily life, especially in places you spend a lot of time, such as your home, workplace, school, etc — UV radiation is present in places you would never expect. It is also important to know the intensity of UV radiation so you can take the proper measures to protect yourself.

The project was designed to be small, portable, and easy to use. To that end, once you assemble it, you will never need to open it back up, not even to charge. It has three different modes, which can be changed with the press of a button.

- Ultraviolet radiation sensor
- 3 chip TP4056 breakout board
- 128x64 OLED display SSD1306
- Arduino Nano
- 18650 4.2 V lithium battery
- 18650 Battery holder
- 10K ohm resistor
- 6.3x5.5 tactile switch
- 9.5x14.5 on/off switch
- Custom-designed 3D printed enclosure (archive available in the end)
- Custom Printed Circuit Board (GERBER file available in the end)
- Jumper cables (female-female or female-male)”

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