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Everyone needs a level at some point whether you are a pro or just hanging a shelf on a wall you want to make sure that it’s going to be straight! Let’s create an accurate Digital Level that works in both the Horizontal (LEVEL) plane, Vertical (PLUMB) plane as well as angles in between like a 45. These would be the same 3 bubble indicators you would have on any decent level you purchase at the hardware store.

We’ve built in some nice features and housed it all in a nice 3D printed enclosure that looks like any standard level, printed in what I call DeWalt Yellow (But it’s really Hatchbox brand Yellow PLA!)

- Automatic rotating screen so that the view of the angle is always readable to you even if you flip it completely upside down. Like how your phone screen flips as you rotate it.
- A few menu options to change from Normal mode with the angle rounded to the nearest whole number, Precision Mode to display 1 decimal place value for a more precise reading and Calibration.
- Auto calibration – Which only needs to be performed the first time it is set up and likely never again. The values are stored in the Nano’s onboard EEProm and called back every time it is powered on so your calibration values are always saved for you.

Parts List

- Arduino Nano – Check out our review of this awesome deal HERE!
- MPU6050 6 Axis Gyroscope/Accelerometer
- 128×64 I2C OLED Display
- 2x Push buttons
- A slide switch
- Optional:
- 18650 Li-Ion 3.7v Battery (Best to harvest from an old laptop or rechargeable device)
- TP4056 Charging board with battery protection
- Boost converter
- 3D Printed Enclosure (STL files available in the article continue reading)
- Hatchbox Yellow PLA
- Wiring, Glue Gun, Soldering iron, lead free solder, razor”

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