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Triangulum - 3D Printed 3-Hand Clock

So this is a project I started April 8 2021, and since then, it has changed quite a bit. The basic idea was to make a clock shaped like a triangle. This morphed into a 3-hand clock with a moon phase tracker.
The name Triangulum fits well because it is a triangular constellation, much like the shape of the clock.
This clock uses the same code as the Holo Clock with some minor improvements. You may find the use of both the imperial system and the metric system at the same time confusing, but this had to be done because the tubing is measured in imperial units and the clock was designed in metric units.
If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!

- 3D printer
- 3 colors of filament (Black pla, white pla, and silk copper pla were used in this model)
- Masking tape
- Super glue
- Dremel with cutting disk bit (Or any tool that can cut brass tubing)
- 11/32” brass tube
- 1/8” brass tube

- 3/32” brass tube
- 1/16” brass tube

- Arduino nano every (or standard version)
- 24byj48 stepper motor
- Uln2003 driver case
- 6 male to female jumper wires
- Small breadboard
- Double-sided foam tape (3M brand was used here)
- 2 M1 screws
- 12 M4 screws
- 6 M3 washers
- Sandpaper
- Silicone or graphite lubricant
- Flat black paint (optional)
- 9V battery
- 9V battery adapter (must connect to a breadboard)
- Xacto knife”

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