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Mini AGV as a Gas Decomposer using Fan with PID Control

This robot walks along the trajectory that has been provided and acts as a building security guard from gas leaks.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) as a Gas Decomposer using a Fan with Control P is a security robot that can detect gas. This robot will walk following the existing line trajectory. When it detects gas around the line, this robot will stop and turn on the fan to remove or decompose the gas that is around. When the gas is not detected, the robot will return to the path following the existing line.

We use P control to control the fan speed based on the detected gas intensity, where the more gas detected, the faster the fan speed will spin. If less gas is detected, the fan will spin more slowly.

After testing, we found that the control value P alone was sufficient to stabilize the speed of the rotating fan. In conclusion, we use setpoint = 300 and Kp = 0.2, can stabilize fan speed. Then, we try to use a straight path value of 70 and a turn value of 150, our robot runs at the speed we want.”

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