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TshWatch - Not yet another esp32 watch :)

Esp32/eink watch, core feature - ulp coprocessors drivers for i2c modules rtc, skin temperature, pedometer, air humidity/pressure.

Project have started 2 years ago, as attempt to create a smartwatch with pedometer, hr sensor and skin temperature sensor. I wanted to collect big data about my activity and sync this data to my server when I can process it. That’s why MCU chip should have wireless feature, and work pretty fast :)

I haven’t wanted to create yet another fancy smart watch, I wanted to create tool which helps people understand their state, which may say something about peoples state based on previous actions. I don’t want to have continues connection with phone or wifi (at least for now), watch only collect data, process it and show some messages and digits, for example:

you under stress now, your galvanic skin resistance increase
your temperature higher than normal
you haven’t moved for long time, plz do something
you have strange temperature change pattern every month.
At that time I haven’t any experience in creating any electronics, especially battery devices.

As you will see, it is long lasting pet-project, but I will be happy If someone join it =)”

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