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Relay Shield PCB Design Useful for IoT Applications

Relay Shield can be used to be control devices wirelessly with your smartphone from anywhere.

Every household has electronic devices which are a major part of our everyday life like dishwashers, washing machines, boilers (water heaters), kettles. All of the previous devices are a combination of mechanical – electronic – power sets. The main part of devices operation is electrical power. It’s well known that AC electrical power is dangerous for humans and that’s exactly the type of power for devices operation. For example, if you leave your kids at home alone, they could turn on, by accident, an electrical stove which can produce fire in your house. Or even worse, they can place their little fingers into an electrical outlet and hurt themselves.

On the other hand, a boiler (water heater) can lead to unnecessary power consumption if it’s turned on all the time. The recommendation is that you turn off the boiler whenever you take a shower because if it’s on while you are showering it can get damaged which produces a short circuit in the device and can kill you through the water.

Let’s imagine a device that can be controlled wirelessly with your smartphone from anywhere. Let’s name the device a relay shield; a device for wireless control of AC-powered devices. It can only control if the device is getting power or not, a very simple design. It can also control power for DC devices. If you leave you’re kids home alone before you go, just connect the smartphone to the relay shield and turn off power for the electrical stove and electrical outlets. When you have a need for showering, turn on the boiler and then turn it off when you go to take shower, wirelessly.”

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