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XIAO Home Automation Board

Hey everyone, what’s up?
Hey here’s something helpful: a home automation shield designed for Seeed XIAO DEV boards with a single SPDT relay and inbuilt AC-DC power so we can run this board directly off an AC source.
It works with all XIAO boards, including the ESP32 C3 XIAO and the most recent ESP32 S1 XIAO.
This project is about how this simple home automation board was made and how you can use it for controlling XYZ loads, so let’s start with the building process.

These were the components used in this project.

- Seeed XIAO DEV Board
- Custom PCB
- SPDT 5V Relay
- Isolated Power supply 240V AC to 5V DC
- M7 Diode
- AO3400 N Channel mosfet
- 10K Resistors”

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