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MPU-6050 is an accelerometer & gyroscope sensor which interfaced with Arduino nano can detect tilt while using LEDs as visual indicators.

The tilt detection system is a project that utilizes Arduino Nano, MPU-6050 accelerometer and gyroscope module, and 11 LEDs arranged in a column from right to left. The system is designed to detect the tilt angle of an object and display it using the LEDs as a visual indicator. This type of system can be used in various applications such as robotics, balancing platforms, and orientation sensing devices.

The MPU-6050 measures the acceleration and angular velocity along the X, Y, and Z axes. By analyzing this data, the tilt angle of the system can be determined. The Arduino Nano reads the sensor data from the MPU-6050 and processes it to calculate the tilt angle using mathematical algorithms or sensor fusion techniques such as complementary filter or Kalman filter.

Based on the calculated tilt angle, the Arduino Nano controls the LEDs to indicate the tilt level. For example, if the system is tilted to the right, the Arduino Nano lights up LEDs from the rightmost side to indicate the degree of tilt. As the tilt angle increases, more LEDs are lit accordingly, providing a visual representation of the tilt angle.


For the circuit, the positive pin (longer leg) of 11 different color LEDs is connected form pin 13 to pin 3 of Arduino nano serially. Negative pin (shorter leg) of the LEDs is connected to the GND in the Arduino nano via 100ohm resistor each. For MPU-6050, SDA——> A4

SCL——> A5
VCC——> 5v
GND——> GND pins of Arduino Nano.”

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