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In the past, I’ve used several filament dry boxes, but none of them had all the features that I wanted or even what I thought every filament dry box should have by default. So I decided to make my own. As always all the source files are available in case you decide to build one for yourself. But either way, you can watch the video and maybe pickup few ideas and improve on them. So, let’s make an awesome controller for 3D printing filament dry box!

The idea behind the dry box is fairly simple; put a heater inside a box and it will keep it at a desired temperature, add a desiccant to absorb the moisture and add a fan to force air circulation. But in the past I had a hard time finding a dry box that had all the features that I needed, so I decided to go overkill and design a fully custom dry box controller.

I also designed it to be open-source and open-hardware, which means you can take it as a starting point and build your own ideal dry box.

As always, all the source files, build steps and build instructions are available here in the GitHub repository and also there is a video explaining how it works.”

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