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Easy Light Board

During the pandemic, teachers have often been abruptly moved online. Keeping students engaged and interested is what teachers love to do, and that can be tough when you’re online and at home with limited resources. Here’s a way of quickly and easily making a very accessible DIY lightboard that requires no construction skills beyond the use of tape and clamps, and is very easy to store compactly. To record yourself in action, you’ll also need a tripod and a phone. I found the lightboard to be great for producing compelling problem-solving clips or quick tutorials, because as an instructor you’re much more “there” in the recording than you are as a disembodied voiceover.


You need an LED strip, some tape, a 24 × 36” sheet of acrylic and some one-handed clamps. While acrylic (= Perspex) can be expensive new (prices have soared during the pandemic), an enormous amount has been produced for barriers, and so you may be able to pick some up used for cheaper. The exact size is not critical, though it does need to be wider than a doorway. My offcut was roughly 500 × 850 mm (20 × 33”).

To draw on the board, you will need some neon-colored whiteboard markers. To record yourself in action, you’ll need a tripod and a phone or camera.”

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