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Make a Mesmerizing Light Pattern Clock by Upcycling an Old Clock and CD

Hi readers in this instructables i will show you how I made this light pattern clock that changes its color when viewed from angles using upcycled materials

This Clock is special because it produces different colors of light when viewed from different angles

A Small story behind the origin of this clock!

I was looking my old boxes to check if i had any thing to make some interesting stuff for my desk, an old clock that had the front shield broken, and no longer fit to use directly caught my attention!

I cleaned the outside part and wanted to check if the mechanisms still works, when i inserted the battery it started to make that click click sound, then i decided it to give a makeover and change it completely.

The main aim of this project was to use the recycled materials, here almost every part is recycled like for the mechanism.

I used old clock machine, for the time indicator I used keys from my old keyboard and the CD for pattern was upcycled from unused CD, except for the led strip and batteries everything used here i found as a junk at home.

Now let us dive into the process of building this project


- OLD clock
- CD that was left unused
- Non working keyboard from my old laptop
- aa Battery
- LED strip(preferred white)
- Sheet of paper
- Hot glue and super glue
- Battery holder and rechargeable 18650 batteries x3
- Switch
- Screw driver of star head
- Scissors”

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