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Toshiba Releases New MOSFET Gate Driver IC that Will Help to Reduce Device Footprints

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has released “TCK421G” for 20V power lines as the first product in its new “TCK42xG Series” of MOSFET gate driver ICs. Devices in the series are dedicated to gate voltage control of an external N-channel MOSFET, based on input voltage, and have an overvoltage lockout function. Volume shipments start today.
TCK421G is suitable for configuring power multiplexer circuits or load switch circuits equipped with reverse-current blocking, in combination with a back-to-back connection of external N-channel MOSFETs. It incorporates a charge pump circuit that supports a wide range of input voltages, from 2.7V to 28V, and supplies stable voltage to the gate-source voltage of external MOSFETs with its intermittent operation. This allows switching of large currents.

Housed in a WCSP6G package, one of the smallest in the industry, TCK421G realizes high density mounting in small devices, such as wearable devices and smartphones, helping to reduce their footprint.

Toshiba will continue to develop the TCK42xG Series and plans to introduce six versions in all. The overvoltage lockout of TCK42xG Series will support an input voltage of 5V to 24V. Two types of gate output voltage, 5.6V and 10V, will be made available, for different gate-source voltages in the external MOSFETs. The overvoltage lockout and gate output voltage can be selected, according to the user’s device.

- Wearables
- Smartphones
- Notebook PCs, tablets
- Storage equipment, etc.

Features of the new series
- Gate-source voltage setting (5.6V, 10V) depending on input voltage with a built-in charge pump circuit
- Overvoltage lockout supports 5V to 24V
- Low input OFF current: IQ(OFF)= 0.5μA (max) @VIN=5V, Ta= -40 to 85°C”

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