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The cloudSmoker Barbecue Monitor project is a WiFi-enable temperature monitor. cloudSmoker is designed to read two temperatures (pit and internal meat temperatures) within my Weber BBQ smoker and upload these to an IOT dashboard, allowing remote cloud monitoring of the cook progress showing temperature vs time graphs, gauges, etc, user-definable cooking notification setpoints and exception push notifications to my smartphone, say if the pit temperatures go outside of acceptable ranges and when the meat is done and ready to be removed.

Hardware is based around the NodeMCU (V1.0) ESP8266-12E microcontroller module (for both for WiFi access and microcontroller), two Maverick ET-732/733 thermistor probes, an external ADS1015 “12-bit” ADC, plus a 1602 LCD and rotary encoder for user set-up configuration and display. Minor thermistor and power filtering was also employed for stability.

Coding was done using VS Code / PlatformIO IDE platform with data uploaded to ThingSpeak for display and further processing. Push exception notifications are done through Twitter using Thingspeak’s React / ThingTweet functionality. (warning Todo: export cook logs to Google Sheets).”

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