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Interactive Ping Pong Pixel Board

This is a Simple interactive display using WS2812B RGB 5050 LED (also known as Neopixels) and ping pong balls. The Ping Pong Balls are used as a diffuser to make the display bigger and a little retro.

Please read the whole ible before starting. It will help make the whole project run smoother I hope.

For laser cutting - Laser cut files are in PDF. Black lines are cuts. Red lines are marks. I set the marks at low power high speed to just draw the outline for placement.


Arduino Uno
Momentary Capacitive Touch Sensor - Adafruit (OR basic push button of your choice)
Neopixel LED strip 30 LED per M strip (Must be 30 led per meter) Look for WS2812b LEDs if you don’t use Neopixel brand
300 Ohm resistor

Poster board - at least 2 sheets, I used white because it isn’t noticeable when the white ping pong balls are lit up. 22 gauge Wire - 3 different colors
5 mil wood (122cm by 122cm sheet is enough)
19mm (3/4in) plywood
128 ping pong balls (you can buy bulk here) (There are 2 sizes of ping pong balls. I chose 40mm and all dimensions are based on that for this ible)
Double sided foam sticky tape Plexiglass - at least 610mm by 1220mm (2ft by 4ft)
Wood screws, wood glue and nuts and bolts to make the box.

Soldering iron
Razer blade or any cutting tool for poster board (if you don’t have a laser)
Yardstick or long T square
Laser cutter - but can be done with basic wood cutting tools and scissors.”

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