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Addressable WS2811 RGB LED control:
WS2811 addressable RGB LEDs are Great for producing different colors. Let’s make a WS2811 RGB LED control RGB LED Controller For controlling the Pixel LEDs. And also I want to thank UTSOURCE for helping with their huge components list. In the COVID19 situation, they are providing Masks. So, why you are waiting for? Place your first order from UTSOURCE.

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What are the ws2811 LEDs?
ws2811 is an RGB LED. Yet, it’s anything but a basic RGB LED strip. It is an addressable RGB LED. It implies you can control each drove shading with an information signal info.
You can get these information signals from various things like Arduino Board’s Digital pin, from a legitimate RGB LED controller, and some more. The primary concern is that this information signal is a PWM beat. Thes PWM beats run the LEDs.
The LED atrip which I am utilizing is ws2811 addressable RGB LED. The name ws2811 originates from the driver IC ws2811. For this, we consider this the ws2811 LEDs.
In some cases, the IC might be inside the LED this sort of LED is known as ws2812 LEDs. These LEDs additionally work in a similar guideline.
This ws2811 addressable RGB LED runs on DC 5V. So you should deal with voltage extremity.
The WS2811 RGB LED Controller which we are making today additionally takes a shot at DC 5V.

For this situation, there are 2 choices. You may get some premade controllers. Which will be simpler to program with the given programming. You will get a basic programming interface that will support you on the off chance that you would prefer not to play with the coding stuff. Here are some WS2811 RGB LED controller Links.

T1000s(Most Popular and Cheap Controller)
In any case, I will propose you use Arduino IDE as a controller. It will assist you in growing your coding information.”

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