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Hotel Room Finder: WiFi Based Location System to Find Home

An indoor positioning system based on WiFi RSSI data to return to the right room of a hotel corridor. Maybe useless, but it works just fine!

Is it possible to determine the position of my hotel room with sufficient accuracy using an ESP32 or ESP8266 device? The answer is simple: Yes, it can work if there are enough WiFI access points spread around in the hotel, enough time to walk up and down the floor for hours and don’t get kicked out because of acting seriously suspicious.

The hotel problem
Hanging out in a hotel room can be pretty boring. The TV programs don’t give anything to watch and on YouTube everything is already watched. Okay, almost…

Then I discovered that I can detect 14 WiFi access points in my room. Wow, that’s a lot. On the stairs to my floor I detected 16 and on the corridor I was able to detect something between 11 and 15 WiFi access points. This is better than TV and YouTube together and the stuff sleepless nights are made of (In front of the computer).”

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