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Four Sample Player

This is a simple audio player, based on an ATtiny85, that plays one of four audio samples from a DataFlash chip at the press of one of four buttons

For example, you could make it play one of four tunes, or one of four spoken phrases, at the press of a button. It avoids the need for an on/off switch by putting the ATtiny85 to sleep when the audio sample has finished playing.

My earlier Audio Sample Player project played an audio sample from the ATtiny85’s memory and output it to a loudspeaker. It played the audio from the 8kbytes of flash memory available on the ATtiny85, which limited the sample length to about one second.

This project uses a 4Mbyte DataFlash chip available for under 20 pence/cents each from AliExpress or eBay. The ATtiny85 reads the audio from the DataFlash chip and plays it through a loudspeaker, giving a maximum sample length of a total of 8 minutes and 44 seconds at a sample rate of 8kHz.

The circuit allows you to play one of four different samples by pressing the corresponding button. In theory you could provide a larger choice of samples, but I couldn’t think of an easy way to connect more than four pushbuttons to the ATtiny85.”

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