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Atari 8 bit computers, NES and SMS game consoles on your TV with nothing more than a ESP32 and a sense of nostalgia
Supports NTSC/PAL color composite video output, Bluetooth Classic or IR keyboards and joysticks; just the thing when we could all use a little distraction

ESP_8_BIT is designed to run on the ESP32 within the Arduino IDE framework. See it in action on Youtube. Schematic is pretty simple:
_ _-----------_ _| |_ _| 25 |------------------> video out_ _| |_ _| 18 |---/\/\/\/----|---> audio out_ _| | 1k |_ _| | ---_ _| ESP32 | --- 10nf_ _| | |_ _| | v gnd_ _| |_ _| | 3.3v <--+-+ IR Receiver_ _| | gnd <--| ) TSOP4838 etc._ _| 0 |-------------+-+ (Optional)_ _-----------_ _
Audio is on pin 18 by default but can be remapped.

Before you compile the sketch you have 2 choices:

// Choose one of the video standards: PAL, NTSC

// Choose one of the following emulators: EMU_NES,EMU_SMS, EMU_ATARI
Build and run the sketch and connect to an old-timey composite input. The first time the sketch runs in will auto-populate the file system with a selection of fine old and new homebrew games and demos. This process only happens once and takes about ~20 seconds so don’t be frightened by the black screen.”

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