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So here’s something special, A Mini R2D2 PCB that speaks Astromech.
Astromech is a fictional language in the star wars franchise consisting of whistles and beeps.

This Mini R2D2 that I made is a Keychain.
Its brain is an Attiny85 and is powered by a CR2032 Coin Cell holder.
I was inspired by this Instructables-
MarceloLarios made a simple Arduino Uno setup that produces random beeps every 3 seconds.
I took the concept and prepare the whole thing by using an Attiny85 with a standalone circuit instead of using a whole Arduino UNO.

These were the materials used in this built-

- Attiny85 SOIC8
- CR2032 Coin Cell Holder
- CR2032 Coin Cell
- Slide Switch
- Custom PCB
- 0805 Package LED RED x2
- ATtiny Programmer”

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