Clock Arduino Nano WS2812B 60Ring with Alarm/Timer Function

Multiple Clock Faces Multiple Settings via Rotary Encoder All In a Nice Glass Display Case EASY TO REPLICATE

I am just a clock/DIY/LED junky, and then i came across CineLights vids.

I was amazed and mesmerized by the simplicity and arty work of him.

So i had to made it myself in his honor, that is my trademark doing it in honor of the builder.

It is working via a Rotary encoder that does all the work, to run thru the settings and act as an switch, all connected to the Arduino Nano the brain of this operation.

I just finished my test setup, and now i will make it CLEAN as an Art Piece, so the tape, YEAH the tape is TEST FITTING.

And you can use almost any 4cm deep frame, mine comes from the action, but you can also use the RIBBA from IKEA. mine came with some LEDS inside already as you can see with a battery box, that would also be implemented in the power supply with an buck regulator to lower the voltage from 5V to 2.4Volts.”


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