Hello at this Instructable! In this Instructable i´ll show you how I build a prototype of a clock, that uses a matrix which consists of 288 Neopixels. First I want to say sorry for my english because I´m from Germany. I got the idea to this clock because I recently got some nes and snes games from a friend and when my old clock broke, I thought, that a clock in Retrolookwould be nice. for me, pixels and matrixes are retrolike, so I wanted to build a matrix-clock. I also wants to say, that this is just a prototype and I´m already programing an other version with WLAN, so that the clock gets the time from the internet, gives notifications about for Example new Mails and can show you how many subs you have on YouTube or how many Followers on Instagram. I´m also 3D-modelling a case for the clock. I´ll update this project when the 3D-modells are finished or i´ve made a new version of the Code.”


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