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Atomic Movies May Help Explain Why Perovskite Solar Cells Are More Efficient

CMU Method Enables Telescoping Devices To Bend and Twist V

Computer Game a Building Block for Engineers

DIY Portable Power Bank and Table Fan V

Finding the IR Codes of any IR remote using Arduino

Identifying Birds Using Machine Learning V

Intelligent Animation

It’s something in the water: LLNL scientists extract hydrogen as potential fuel source

LED and Switch Modules for Prototyping Arduino Projects V

Magic Bench V


Measuring distance with a single photo V

Norway Takes Lead in Race to Build Autonomous Cargo Ships V

Partnering for Material Impact V

Pen Stand: Gaming Enabled V

Sarah the Simplest Arduino Robot V

Screen Time Countdown Timer

Strange Electrons Break the Crystal Symmetry of High-Temperature Superconductors

Ultracold molecules hold promise for quantum computing

Weather Portal

Weekend Project - Ghost message! V

16-bit PWM resolution for Arduino

3D Printing Circuit Boards and Components V

Analog Clock With LED Matrix and Arduino V

Build an 8-bit computer from scratch V

Dancing Springs V

DIY Alarm Control Panel for Home Assistant V

DIY Short Circuit (Overcurrent) Protection V

Electronic Die V

Gimmick on Barebones Arduino 16MHz

Personalized ‘earable’ sensor monitors body temperature in real time

Video Game Controller With Arduino

4chord MIDI V

A new era for Arduino begins today

Atomic discovery opens door to greener, faster, smaller electronic circuitry

Bouncy Legs Walking Robot V

Build an Electronic Audio Game with a Pencil, Paper, and Conductive Ink

Chinese scientists create biggest virtual universe with world’s fastest computer, beating European record

CNC Machine

Control the Injection of a Liquid V

DIY Cyclone Dust Collector V

DIY Vending Machine with Cortana Skills and Bot Framework V

How to Make Color Sorting Machine Arduino Based V

Intel loves the maker community so much it just axed its Arduino, Curie hardware. Ouch

Mini WiFi/BLE 4WD robot platform

MKT, the Multi-Kitchen-Timer V

New AI technique creates 3-D shapes from 2-D images V

Over the Air (OTA) Update of NodeMCU (ESP8266) Using MQTT

Pluvi.On - Pluvimetro De Baixo Custo V

POV Fidget Spinner V

RASPILIGHT: an open project for Ambilight TV effect

Startup Aims to Make 3D Metal Printing 100 Times Faster V

Transparent, flexible solar cells

WSU physicists write with light, turn crystal into an electrical circuit

Dragonflies can predict the path of their prey

Carbon nanotubes turn electrical current into light-matter quasi-particles

In quest to reach Alpha Centauri, breakthrough starshot launches world’s smallest spacecraft V

New robot printer spits out recyclable robots V

NXP and Amazon Web Services Launch Cooperation in IoT

Portable WiFi Analyzer V

Simple RC Mecanum Wheels Robot Wif Arduino V

The MagPI 60

Arduino Keyboard Piano With 8 Bit R2R DAC V

Easy DIY Arduino Touch Sensor Piano V

How to Make an Iron Man Arc Reactor

Raspberry PI Zero Garage Door Opener Using Blynk V

Ring Pong V

Sequencer (for electronic music) V

USB 3.0 Promoter Group Announces USB 3.2 Update

Water Level Indicator V

BGU Researcher Develops New 3-D Scanning Technique

Carnegie Mellon Develops Landmark Achievement in Walking Technology V

CCNY physicists master unexplored electron property

Chaos Theory Strengthens Digital Locks

Conductivity key to mapping water inside Earth

Designing a 4D camera for robots

How to Make a Safety Box V

Jar of Fireflies V


Mini CNC 3D Printed PCB Creator V

NUS engineers achieve significant breakthrough in spin wave based information processing technology

Physicists observe individual atomic collisions during diffusion for the first time

Pinpointing sources of water pollution with a robotic eel V

Programmable LED

Scientists Design Solar Cell that Captures Nearly All Energy of Solar Spectrum

Second version of HoloLens HPU will incorporate AI coprocessor for implementing DNNs V

Sense and Display with Android Things and Kotlin V

Tulane team advances knowledge toward more efficient electronics

3D Print Your Own Leather Stamps

A Final Farewell to LISA Pathfinder

Arduino Latency Measurement Toolkit

Bluetooth RC Car Using L293D & HC-05

Convert Your Pringles Cans to RTTTL Audio Player V

Deep Learning Creates Earth-like Terrain by Studying NASA Satellite Images

ESP32 Solar Weather Station

Finger Six Axis, Robot Arm Challenge V

Ghetto Programming: Getting Started With AVR Microprocessors on the Cheap

Glove for Blind V

Holograms taken to new dimension

IR Remote Controlled Robot V

Mechanical Iris Door V

Reshaping computer-aided design V

Reverse Engineering the Syma S107G IR Protocol V

Saturn Surprises As Cassini Continues its Grand Finale

Who will control the swarm?

Arduino Uno Wireless Weather Station

Banana jack adapter for breadboards

DIY PWM Controller V

Eco Friendly Arduino Metal Detector V

ESP Alarm: Make an IoT, Wi-Fi Enabled Alarm Clock with an ESP8266 V

Led POV Display With Arduino UNO V

Robotic Arm 3D Printed (DIY Initial Prosthetic Prototype) V

Zigfrid – A Passive RFID Fuzzer V

Advancing Quantum Technology in 40 Picoseconds

Arduino Amiga Floppy Disk Reader

Building a better battery

Empowering robots for ethical behavior

Hamburg research group develops new transistor

Home Monitoring System Based on LattePanda, ZigBee and Azure

How to Convert Old Film Reels With a Raspberry Pi

IBM Processor Aims to Blanket Encryption Over Everything

IoT Red Phone V

Stanford researchers develop a new type of soft, growing robot V

Using OV7670 Camera Module With Arduino

ZeroBot - Raspberry Pi Zero FPV Robot V

A 100-year-old physics problem has been solved at EPFL

A PSoC-Based Digital Load Box

Artificial intelligence suggests recipes based on food photos V

Elon Musk says he has a green light to build a NY–Philly–Baltimore–DC hyperloop

ESP8266 Basement Monitor

Guardian Robot – Zelda BOTW V

Intel Democratizes Deep Learning Application Development with Launch of Movidius Neural Compute Stick

July 20, 1969: One Giant Leap For Mankind V

New experiment confirms violation of Bell’s inequality

Binary to Decimal Learner Kit

Bluetooth SIG Announces Mesh Networking Capability V

Bringing neural networks to cellphones

CircuitPython 1.0.0!

Control all your IR appliances through Bluetooth (or internet)

DIY Arduino Mood Lamp V

“GRECO” - Arduino Object Avoiding Robotfor Beginners V

Helping Robots learn to see in 3-D

Manipulating Electron Spins Without Loss of Information

No battery, no wire, no problem V

Research makes robots better at following spoken instructions

Sensor Platform Robot With IR Control

Swimming robot probes Fukushima reactor to find melted fuel

The Arduino Robot: a Wobbly Penguin V

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Introduces New Quad DMOS Full Bridge PWM Motor Driver IC

CatBoost is an open-source gradient boosting library with categorical features support V

Controlling NeoPixels with a Webserver on an ESP8266 V

Distance Measurement Vehicle via Websocket V

Finding leaks while they’re easy to fix

First disclosure of images taken by the JEM Kibo’s internal drone “Int-Ball” V

Fluorine grants white graphene new powers

IOT Based Surveillance Camera || Raspberry Pi + Pan-Tilt Arrangement + Cayenne + Webcam Server V

Lab scientists explore electronic properties of liquid electrolytes for energy technologies

NATO Adopts New Protocol Standard for Underwater Communications

New materials at the touch of a button V

TI introduces single-chip buck-boost battery charge controllers enabling USB Type-C™ and USB Power Delivery support

Transformer robots can be printed on demand in just 13 minutes V

Using Deep Learning to Create Professional-Level Photographs

Wheelchairs get robotic retrofit to become self-driving V

Arduino - MPU6050 GY521 - 6 Axis Accelerometer + Gyro (3D Simulation With Processing) V

Bye-Bye, Landfills! Russian Scientists Create Biodegradable Polyethylene

Gateway: Node-RED + ESP8266 Modbus RTU MQTT + HMI Industrial Panasonic V

Glowing Polish Horseshoes (Beersbee) Outdoor Arduino Game

IoT Power Consumption Concern

Off Grid Van Power Information System V

Ultimate DIY Breadboard Power Supply

Arduino Controlled USB Trackpad V

ESP8266 ESP-12E Arduino Clock W/ Outside Temp & LEGOS & NeoPixel Ring V

ESP8266 & Public “Free” MQTT Broker HiveMQ & Node-RED V

Smart Parking Using Arduino Uno

The Signal

Hydro Dipping 3D Prints V

Key Chain USB Power Supply (For Bread Board Projects)

Raspberry Pi Tumblr GIF Photo Booth

Retro Prototyping, Great for Teaching V

Smart Lamp With ESP8266 & Amazon Echo V

DIY Bone Conduction Headphones

Linglong Tire partners in China’s first 3D printed tyre project

Miniaturizing the brain of a drone

New CRISPR technology takes cells to the movies V

New material reduces energy consumption to a minimum

Samsung Debuts World’s First Cinema LED Display

Testing a soft artificial heart V

Ultra-high-contrast digital sensing

University develops new cheap, sustainable water treatment devices for developing countries

Why you might trust a quantum computer with secrets – even over the internet

A free robot lawyer that appealed £2 million in parking tickets can now help you in 1,000 areas of law

Arduino Nano Multiplication/Division Signs V

Biased Algorithms Are Everywhere, and No One Seems to Care

Brady* the Ultrasonic Warning System for the Visually Impaired

DIY Simple FM Transmitter Circuit V

KAIST to hold AI football tournament

newelectronics 11 Julho 2017

OmniOS Community Edition

Ozone Generator

Parametric Garage Boxes

Raspberry Pi-Powered Candy Dispenser V

Self-powered system makes smart windows smarter

Study suggests route to improving rechargeable lithium batteries

Thinking Thin Brings New Layering and Thermal Abilities to the Semiconductor Industry

Announcing AI for Earth: Microsoft’s new program to put AI to work for the future of our planet

Arduino Controlled Sound Responsive LED Display V

Breadboarding and Programming the ATmega328P & ATtiny45 in Atmel Studio 7

How to Build a Hexapod Walker Robot with Raspberry Pi V

Human pose estimation for care robots using deep learning

“Hurry, Doctor!”, an Arduino-Powered Operation-Style Electronic Board Game

Inside Intel’s first product: the 3101 RAM chip held just 64 bits

JPEG Decoding on Arduino Tutorial

Make a 1.5V AM Radio! V

Official Launch of the T-pod! – Almedalen 2017 V

Soft and stretchy fabric-based sensors for wearable robots V

Arduino Writing Mewtocol Protocol From PLC’S Panasonic V

Audi’s New A8 Turns Mobility Into Magic, Using NVIDIA Tech to Transform Transportation

Breakthrough in spintronics

Computer reads body language V

Green method developed for making artificial spider silk V

Halogen floodlight SMT reflow V

Intel Xeon Scalable Processors V

Micro:bit Moisture sensor

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Completes Flyby over Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Number Game Using 555 Timer and CD4026

Researchers Revolutionize Brain-Computer Interfaces Using Silicon Electronics V

A new artificial intelligence based system warns when a gun appears in a video

Arduino 1.8.x Clone With Atmega 8535/32/644p/1284p: the Mightycore

Arduino - Web-Based Keypad V

Building the Web of Things

China’s quantum satellite achieves ‘spooky action’ at record distance V

Create More Reliable and Cost-Effective LED Lighting Applications with Microchip’s Sequential Linear LED Driver

Deathwatch — Wearable Life Expectancy Timer Using Adafruit Circuit Playground + OLED V

Gold Remembers V

How to Make Simple Audio Amplifier With Mosfet V

Manufacturing – Tailoring performance

‘Near-zero-power’ temperature sensor could make wearables, smart home devices less power-hungry

Neutrons detect elusive Higgs amplitude mode in quantum material

Roombot: Room Cleaning Robot V

Secrets of superfluid helium explored

Toward the next generation of superconductors and lithium-ion batteries

UW-Madison researchers tackle bias in algorithms

WIFI Enabled LED Matrix

A Sudoku Solver’s Robot V

Amid Unprecedented Controversy, W3C Greenlights DRM for the Web

Arduino Multi Boot Project

Complete Patents Of Nikola Tesla

Get started developing IoT solutions by building a simple home automation system V

Graphene and terahertz waves could lead the way to future communication

Home Automation Using XBee and Arduino V

Infrared Remote Controlled Automation of Anything: Tiny, Cheapest and Easiest (any Remote Can Be Used) V

Interactive Plant Mood Detector

Iron secrets behind superconductors unlocked

Lab Power Supply 0-20V and 0.002-4A

Power of light: Research team finds light is key to promising material

Practical parallelism

Simple DIY 2-wheel Balancing Robot (Arduino & RPi) V

Using Nokia 3310 84x48 LCD with Arduino

2D layered devices can self-assemble with precision V

Aquarium Controller Using NodeMCU and MQTT

Arduino Typewriter V

Arduino - Web-Based Gauge V

Chances of hypersonic travel heat up with new materials discovery

LHC pops out a new particle that could test the strong force

Parametric Lego Robot Wheels

Parametric Servo Gripper Lego Brick Set

Pocketable 100W Power Supply-Smaller than your smartphone

Researchers use Kinect to scan T. rex skull

Rubik’s Cube Solver V

A New Method Could Enable More Stable and Scalable Quantum Computing, Penn Physicists Report

Arduino 3D Printed Digital Thermometer With DHT-22 Sensor V

Arduino - Relays (Control AC Appliances)

First battery-free cellphone makes calls by harvesting ambient power V

Hands off approach to looking into silicon chips

High-precision control of printed electronics

NEC accelerates machine learning for vector computers

New 3-D chip combines computing and data storage

New Mexico firm uses motion of the ocean to bring fresh water to coastal communities

NodeMCU Webserver with Class-Based 60-Second Temp Average

Peering into neural networks

Roller Arduino Curtain

Simple Buck LED Driver With PWM Input

Spinning electrons open the door to future hybrid electronics

Teaching robots to learn about the world through touch

This website turns Wikipedia into a beautiful pixel art text adventure

WALTER - The Arduino Insect Robot V

Arduino 3-axis Mini Lazer Paper-Cutter V

Arduino Wireless NRF24l01 Battery Voltage Monitor 5110 Screen and Low Battery Level Buzzer

Arduino101 / tinyTILE BLE: Match-Making Sunglasses V

ArianeGroup signs a first contract with ESA to develop the future Prometheus engine

Brookhaven Scientists Study Role of ‘Electrolyte Gating’ in Functional Oxide Materials

Building a Single Pixel Scanner V

China’s new heavy-lift rocket launch fails in flight

Control Adafruit Neopixels using Python and JQWidgets

Electronica-Azi International no. 3 - June 2017

Engineers design “tree-on-a-chip”

Homemade Chess Robot V

Interface Force Sensitive Resistor to Fade an LED Using NodeMCU

Keeping the heat out

LDR light following robot

Linux Kernel 4.12 Released — These Are The 5 Biggest Features

My MeArm Picking Up Things V

Salto-1P Is the Most Amazing Jumping Robot We’ve Ever Seen V

SpaceX’s first re-flown Dragon capsule successfully returns to Earth

Ultrasonic Garage Parking Assistant With Arduino and an ATtiny85

University of Twente develops record laser on chip smallest narrowband laser brings numerous photonic applications closer

UNMOMENT - Ntp, Binary, Rgb CLOCK V

Water Level Monitoring Using BoltIoT V

WiFi Music Alert Box

3D printed, internet controlled, self-balancing FPV robot V

ESP8266-01 IoT Smart Timer for Home Automation

Actobotics Solar Tracker V

Adaptive cyber security decision support to prevent cyber attacks

Animated Snake Eyes Bonnet for Raspberry Pi

Aquila’s successful second flight: Another step forward in bringing the world closer together V

Arduino Minimal Drum Kit V

Building with robots and 3D printers V

Clean Drinking Water From Solar Power

DIY Video Game Using Arduino (Arduboy Clone) V

Dual Automatic Watch Winder V

Elon Musk’s boring machine completes the first section of an LA tunnel

High Voltage-Current Half Bridge Driver Using IR2153 & IGBT

Interfacing with a Toy - Process and Example V

New ‘superglue’ could seal the deal for stretchable batteries, soft robots V

POV Display With Wireless Power! V

Robots to help children with autism

Screen Tapping Robot V

Smart Intercom V

Sub $200 PCB Mill that doesn’t suck! V

Tiny “motors” are driven by light

Voice Controlled Bluetooth Car

World first: new polymer goes for a walk when illuminated V