RoomBot is a room cleaning robot that moves around the room avoiding obstacles, picking up dust and wiping the floor. Have you ever imagined a toy-like machine (trust me it is much more complex than a toy) that can be your partner in daily household chores? Yes. The time has come for it to become a reality with our tiny little room cleaning robot named Roombot. While it is a fact that these bots already exist, our aim is to make ROOMBOT smarter, economical and more user-friendly which makes it one of a kind. Just to give an example, you can see what your partner is doing by using an app and also control it via phone. (Sounds more like a game, doesn’t it?) We plan to make this bot popular through social media platforms, tech platforms and of course by reaching out to people who would be willing to be a part of affordable cleaning solution which we are going to provide in the form of Roombot.”


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