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Parametric Lego Robot Wheels

This is part of a set of customizable Lego compatible robotics components. This post is for parametric Lego compatible WHEELS. (Necessary Treads are a separate Thingy here: (Thingy’s are separate because each is its own customizer.) Files Included: An openscad file for generating any diameter of stackable Lego wheel with one of 5 different center configurations. A Lego slider in case you want to make the front of a robot slide freely without wheels. A special mount for gearmotors. (For servo motors check out A calibration Lego brick for testing your printer. The wheels should be printed in a hard material like ABS. The treads must be at least semi flexible. The TPU linked below works but is a bit slick for mini-sumo and is tight for stretching. The TPE filament makes ideal high flex/stretch/friction treads.”

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