A simple Ping Pong game played on a NeoPixel Ring with Arduino. The main purpose of this simple project was to create a game for the Neopixel Ring (24px in this case). It ended up with a simple ping pong game on a ring so a RING PONG. It is quite simple to build. You only need 2 buttons, an arduino board and the Neopixel ring. To play : The first player push the button, it engages the ball at normal speed. The 2nd player has to push his button when the ball is in the 3 last pixel before the green one. If he pushes on the last pixel he has super speed on his ball. If he misses the ball or press to soon, it is one point for the other player. When the ball goes back to the first player, the same rules apply for him. The game ends when a player has 3 pts. Futher improvement will be adding a box and some fancy buttons…”


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