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This project was created by Cristhian López Reyes, Luis Miguel Campos García and Juan Pablo Páez Guerrero, students of ‘Creative Electronics’, a Beng Electronics Engineering module at the University of Málaga, School of Telecommunications.

We would like to introduce you our electronic 4 in a row project which is controlled by Arduino, based on NeoPixel library from the Adafruit company.

As we consider it is a fun and dynamic idea for both adults and children, it was chosen by our team. Best of all, you can build the project on your own, autonomously.

What is more, materials can be changed. All in all, others materials can be chosen in case if 3D printing is not an option.

- 15 Buttons
- 84 LEDs which are compatible with Neopixel library
- Arduino
- Cables
- Nuts and bolts
- Paint
- Power supply 15W
- Pre-drilled PCB Soldering iron, tin and flux
- Transistors NPN
- Wood”

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